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Help Us Find the Next Big Busking Talent in Manchester!

As venue spaces tentatively begin to open their doors to the arts and live performance, albeit with strict safety restrictions in place and understandably without any real assurance that this time it will be for permanent - could it be that busking is now the most viable performance avenue for emerging artists?

In the past, busking has helped the likes of Tracy Chapman, Robin Williams, Rod Stewart, and of course Ed Sheeran to hone their crafts - gifting them consistent audiences and gig space, which can be all elusive at the best of times, and most certainly is right now.

This has led us at Manchester Music to be on the lookout for best Manchester-based buskers. We want to do our bit to help inspire and promote those organic artists who have the courage and grit to regularly do what they love before ever-revolving crowds, come rain or shine. We are on a call out for video submissions; whether they be of yourself, a friend, family, or simply a busker that you appreciate.

Who have you seen making the streets their stage, attracting the crowds, getting them going, and holding them in the palm of their hands?

Who is a super-talented superstar, a modest and mild-mannered musical majesty, a diamond in the rough, that is often passed by barely noticed? Who is weird and wonderful, and bravely out-there where no human has ventured before, forcing you to scratch your head in both admiration and confusion every time you pass?

We want your suggestions!

Which buskers do you want to see and hear more of?

Perhaps there are those you have, in the past, would do well with a little more exposure to the limelight or a strong online presence.

We understand that busking can be a difficult art to capture, often resulting in shoddy footage and promotional material, which is why we are determined to shoot, direct, edit AND promote a professional and high definition video for the best Manchester street artist we can find.

This could be the break they were waiting for.

So let’s ave it - send us your suggestions via video clip submissions here


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