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What's Next For KC Locke

Manchester’s own camera-king Midas - the prolific freelance director KC Locke is on top of his game right now.

Having worked alongside some of Manchester’s finest independent artists such as Black Josh and Sleazy F Baby, KC’s first major break came in 2017, working alongside IAMDDB on the track Shade, before later seeing major success in late 2019 with Ed Sheeran’s blockbuster video Take Me Back To London (remix), featuring Aitch, alongside Stormzy and Jaykae.

His creative eye and direction gets views.

Most recently, his masterful take on the poignant and personal narrative laid out in Bugzy Malone’s Welcome to the Hood, feat. Emily Sandé, which was released in March - is a beautifully jaded representation of the times we live in that perfectly blends with the track in a way that forces you to forget that they were ever separate to begin with.

The video, a contemporary work-of-art in the eyes of many, is a ‘behind closed doors look into Lockdown and some of the experiences felt by the people in Manchester’ and grips you with its collage of shared class struggle, be it drugs, violence, family trauma, police brutality, descrimination or inequality - with the director, quoted as being ‘very protective of my city and how it is represented’, drawing from his own personal stories, friends, family and people in his circle. All and all it feels like a rousing call for the community to take a stand and look out for one another.

KC’s past work on big budget productions, as part of large film crews for high profile, high-budget artists and projects has sharpened his tools and provided him with knowledge and experience to offer the same golden opportunities for more local artists in the Manchester scene. By his own admission, Manchester artists are a big part of his future plans:

“I’m always shouting about the Manchester music scene from the rooftops no matter where I am, and there are so many great artists coming out of the city.

With the calibre of representation that Manchester is receiving, and is due to receive, thanks to serious innovators like KC Locke, hyped is an understatement for how we are feeling about the future of Manchester’s music and video production.

Check out his website -


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